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      The upcoming State Convention for 2023
      will be hosted by Sacramento Area Local 0066
      and is set for MAY 20th - 21st

      The State Convention is a  training convention.  The clerk craft, maintenance craft, and the MVS craft will have classes.  There will also be a TSP class for everyone, Quick Books questions & answers. Sunday we will have an OWCP training session with Gini and Chris from OWCP Chats. 

      Below are links to the flyer for the hotel and registration for the convention.  Please book your hotel rooms as soon as possible.  

      Yours in Solidarity, 
      Gaare R. Davis President-
      California State APWU

      HOTEL INFO.PDF                     REGISTRATION.PDF


      CALSTATEGD@ATT.NET OR 626-487-4366.


      The Times Are a Changing

      This isn’t your Grandma’s Post Office anymore. When I began my postal career, there was plenty

      of letter mail and very few packages. We had a lot more clerks than we did mail handlers. Now

      the Postal Service is moving to a parcel processing business model. We can’t turn back the hands

      of time so we need to adapt and fight for our survival. The Postal Service is under attack from

      outside companies as well as from within from the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy. DeJoy

      has destroyed mail delivery standards. In today’s world of instant gratification, who wants to

      wait 5-10 days for a first-class letter to arrive? That is exactly what Postmaster General Louis

      DeJoy is doing to the United States Postal Service and the publics mail. We need to work with

      Congress to fire Postmaster General DeJoy. The next time the APWU asks you to call or write

      your Congressional representatives, please do it.


      State Convention

      The California State Convention was well attended and a huge success. We were joined by

      President Mark Dimondstein, Vice President Debby Szeredy, Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell,

      Clerk Division Director Lamont Brooks, Industrial Relations Director Charlie Cash, Human

      Relations Director Daleo Freeman, Legislative Director Judy Beard, Organizing Director Anna

      Smith and Retirees Director, Nancy Olumekor. The training was focused on how to file

      grievances to save Clerk Craft work. The Clerk Craft NBAs were joined by Lamont Brooks as

      he addressed the Clerk Craft training session and updated the delegates on the current issues we

      are facing. We thank all of our National Officers who contributed to the success of our



      Protecting Clerk Craft Work

      The Postal Service is hell bent on eliminating as many clerk craft jobs as possible. Management

      is doing this by reverting jobs, cutting the hours of our PSEs, reducing overtime, issuing

      discipline as aggressively as they can, having Carriers and Mail Handlers do our work and

      having management perform our Clerk Craft work. We need to put a stop to managements attack

      on the Clerk Craft. We can’t win this battle without everyone’s help. Just paying dues to the

      Union is not enough in these troubled times. You don’t have to be a shop steward to help but we

      do need you to be the eyes and ears for the Union in your office. Let your steward know what is

      going on and write statements. The Union can’t win grievances and stop managements attack

      without statements from our members.


      The Postal Service has begun their consolidation plan to eliminate small offices and create super

      plants. This will result in excessing of clerks from their offices as well as the elimination of

      many career positions. The Postal Service is determined to cut work hours and eliminate

      positions with no consideration for actually delivering the mail in a timely manner.


      Supervisor Apprentice

      The Postal Service has fought the Union tooth and nail on allowing Lead Clerks to actually

      perform the duties of their bids. Lead clerks can run the operation and do everything a supervisor

      can do except issue discipline and authorize overtime. Lead clerks are level 7 employees. So, in

      the Postal Services wisdom they are now introducing a new supervisor position called an EAS-

      16 Supervisor Apprentice. Why let a level 7 clerk do the work when you can pay someone level

      16 to do the same thing. Then they wonder why the Postal Service is having financial problems?

      If an employee enters this program, they immediately lose their bid. If an employee fails to meet

      any of the requirements of the program, management must consult with local Labor Relations to

      determine the next step. Sounds like the Postal Service doesn’t have a clue what will happen to

      you if you go down this treacherous trail and they decide you failed to meet their requirements. I

      didn’t know there was any requirements to be a supervisor.

      Unemployment Benefits

      If you are a PTF or PSE and management has reduced your hours, you have a right to file

      for unemployment. You don’t have to be fired to collect unemployment benefits. A reduction in

      hours will qualify you for the benefits you deserve. Don’t let management get away with

      reducing your hours and then not pay you for the benefits you earned.

      Hostile and Abusive Management

      Hostile and abusive supervisors have been a problem in the Postal Service since I began my

      career over 36 years ago. The APWU has sent every member a Workplace Environment Survey

      requesting your feedback. It is imperative that everyone takes the time to fill out this survey and

      send it back. You can also fill out the survey on line. Make sure your coworkers fill out their

      survey also. If you don’t fill out your survey, you have no right to complain about your abusive

      treatment. The Postal Service is aware of our survey and they will be watching how many we get

      back. If it is a small amount, the Postal Service will take the position that this supports that there

      is not a hostile working environment since very few employees complained. We all need to stand

      together to stop abusive management. This process begins with you filling out your survey!

      Chuck Locke, NBA


      Hello APWU members, retiree members, and auxiliary members,

      The link below is a Hatch Act fact sheet, we hope you continue to stand in solidarity with us as we fight for the betterment of Postal Workers and their families





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